February 15, 2023

10 Things you should know about Tradeteq Analytics

With Michael Boguslavsky, Head of AI, Tradeteq

In this week’s article, we speak to Tradeteq’s Head of AI, Michael Boguslavsky who gives us the scoop on the most important things to know about Tradeteq’s industry-leading Analytics function.

1.     To begin, why is data such an important aspect of pre to post trade analytics and why do we need it?

Data is crucial for pre- and post-trade analytics as it provides the necessary information to evaluate and assess risk. By using data to analyse the creditworthiness of parties involved in a trade, funders and originators can make informed decisions on trade finance transactions, reducing the risk of default and ensuring the success of their investments. Just using corporate ratings and credit scoring data is often not sufficient to evaluate all risks of trade finance portfolios. Tradeteq combines public and private data to generate a comprehensive view of portfolio risks.

2.     What’s the Tradeteq Analytics all about?

Tradeteq Analytics is a solution for trade finance risk intelligence that leverages artificial intelligence to power its analytics. It provides pre- and post-trade analytics covering general corporate credit risk for broad universe of corporates, including SME, and trade finance-specific risk exposures. The solution includes features such as credit score mapping, risk reporting options, data integration and cleaning services, and portfolio optimization designed specifically for trade finance.

3.     What type of client would use Tradeteq Analytics?

Tradeteq Analytics is useful to both funders and originators. Originators can use Tradeteq tools to improve origination quality and to have better certainty of distribution. Funders can use Tradeteq analytics for pre- and post-trade analytics to understand credit and other risks and better plan liquidity in their trade finance and private credit portfolios.

4.     What are the key features of Tradeteq Analytics?

Tradeteq Analytics users get access to multifactor risk assessment, explainable and transparent risk scores, data visualisation and aggregation, portfolio optimisation, and an extensive suite of data tools, from API integration to data cleaning services.

5.     Can you tell us a bit about the platform’s automation features?

Tradeteq Analytics automation features improve and streamline trade finance investment process. These include:

§  file transfer or API integration data upload

§  automated data integration and reporting

§  data cleaning services and

§  dynamic portfolio optimization designed specifically for trade finance

These features help to streamline the investment process, make trade finance investments scalable, and reduce the time and effort required to get the insights needed to make informed decisions. Our team will work with clients to setup data feeds, run the required analytics, and configure the reports.

6.     What are the benefits of using Tradeteq Analytics?

The benefits of using Tradeteq Analytics include:

- Improved visibility of risk exposures in portfolios

- Better and faster underwriting for asset sellers

- Real-time transaction level reporting for trade finance risks for investors

- Better corporate credit risk analysis and coverage across multiple markets

- Improved supply chain and trade portfolio data analysis for transaction credit scoring

- Portfolio optimization specifically designed for trade finance

- Better quality data leading to fewer disputes and easier insurance claims when necessary.

7.     What services do you provide around Portfolio reporting and optimisation?

Tradeteq Analytics provides portfolio reporting and optimization services designed specifically for trade finance. Portfolio reporting provides timely aggregation and visualisation of exposures and tracking of cashflows at portfolio level. This includes real-time transaction level reporting to give investors visibility of all their trade finance risks, as well as options for risk reporting and visualizing data. The platform also offers portfolio optimization features to help users manage risk, improve underwriting, and distribute trade finance assets more effectively.

8.     Do I have to be signed up to any of the other products to gain access to the Analytics tool?

You can use some Tradeteq Analytics tools separately from other Tradeteq products, but to get full access to transaction and portfolio level risk tools you need to use at least one of our ACCESS, CONNECT, or DISTRIBUTE products.

9.     How do I go about signing up?

Getting started is very easy: follow this link to get in touch with our Sales team, and then select the package that most fits your needs and budget. We will then provide the standard platform master agreement and rate card for your review.

10.  Planning any new features?

Of course! We are always listening to our clients to understand their needs and add features that would be most useful to them. We are now working on a new, exciting project to deliver world first distributed trade finance indices. Stay tuned!