Tradeteq analytics

Trade risk syndication for single instruments

Our analytics, reporting and optimisation tools empower asset sellers and investors to increase transparency and efficiency.

Trade finance risk intelligence

We know that to understand risk, asset sellers and investors need good data. That’s why we use artificial intelligence to power our analytics. That makes it possible for users to have more visibility of the risks within their portfolios.

We provide pre- and post-trade analytics that cover general corporate credit risk as well as trade finance-specific risk exposures. Our corporate credit models give large and small companies broad coverage across lots of markets.

A big part of our analytics is transaction credit scoring, which uses supply chain and trade portfolio data to extend credit and risk scoring into more opaque and emerging markets. This means asset sellers can improve their underwriting and risk transparency – both of which are important to successfully distribute trade finance assets. Investors also get real-time transaction level reporting for all their trade finance risks.


  • • Credit score mapping and a breakdown of key factors
  • • Options for risk reporting and visualising the data
  • • File transfer or API integration
  • • Data integration and data cleaning services
  • • Portfolio optimisation designed specifically for trade finance

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