Tradeteq connect

Trade and FI-risk syndication

Tradeteq enables participants and grantors, including banks and credit insurers, to connect with each other so they can distribute single name assets such as letters of credit, trade loans and guarantees. Clients can reach more counter-parties and manage larger volumes of trade assets, while automated distribution reduces manual errors and costs.

Trade lifecycle management for
bank assets distribution


Easily and smoothly integrate with existing risk, limit, and other core-banking systems

Customise the automated workflows to fit your own operating model

End-to-end workflow

Our platform sets the standard for the entire trade asset and FI- risk distribution lifecycle, so you can engage with banks, credit insurers, and financial institutions in your own secure private network


Automatically select assets for distribution, based on customisable criteria.

Monitor assets, trades, and key lifecycle stages, such as extensions, credit events, and repayments.