10 things you should know about Tradeteq ACCESS

In this article,  Maria Giulia Catania, Structured Sales Manager at Tradeteq explores ten things you should know about Tradeteq ACCESS.

1.       What’s Tradeteq ACCESS all about?

Tradeteq ACCESS is a tool for asset managers to discover opportunities in private debt and real assets, such as Trade Finance, that are being sold by banks and non-bank originators.

At Tradeteq we connect investors in private debt and real assets with sellers of these assets and give them all the tools they need to efficiently interact and transact. We provide an extensive platform and product suite which includes our Tradeteq DISTRIBUTE and Tradeteq ACCESS products. These two are like the two faces of the same coin: DISTRIBUTE is from the Originators’ perspective, while ACCESS is from the Investment Manager’s perspective.


2.       What type of client would use ACCESS?

We work closely with asset managers that have a specific mandate in alternatives, private debt, and real assets such as Trade Finance, Consumer Finance, Loans, Commodities etc. We currently have over 50 asset managers active on our platform.


3.       What are the key features of Tradeteq ACCESS?

Tradeteq clients become part of Tradeteq’s vast network of originators and institutional investors and have the possibility to access a variety of origination opportunities via the Tradeteq platform. Our clients have access to over $1bn worth of origination pipeline from our network of originators. We provide real-time management of trade lifecycle, cost savings through automation, structuring and market sounding.

4.       Can you tell us a bit about the platform’s automation features?

When a client becomes an ACCESS user, they receive access to Tradeteq’s trading automation tools that make deal implementation simple and help to cut down on manual, labour-intensive, and error-prone processes. The platform is scalable and can handle small to large volumes of transactions. It is highly configurable to help users manage the end-to-end trade lifecycle. Our team will work with clients to configure the asset engine, documentation automation, tracked negotiation, reporting automation and analytics based on clients’ needs.

5.       What are the benefits of using Tradeteq ACCESS?

Tradeteq not only provides access to a global base of origination and investment opportunities. It also reduces costs and errors in executing and monitoring transactions. Our clients experience higher velocity and volume of trading with their counterparties on our platform at a fraction of the cost and increased Capital Market margins.


6.       Now on to the Marketplace: what is it exactly and who is it for?

The marketplace is a venue for originators and asset managers to showcase and discover opportunities. Offers listed on the marketplace are broadcasted to all asset managers on the platform in real time, as well as through instant email notifications. When asset managers log into the marketplace to view live offers, they will be able to access the offer term sheet, information about the originator, indicative yields and the risk profile of the offer. Interested parties will then be able to express their interest, connect and interact with the originator.


7.       How much does the subscription to the Marketplace cost for Funders?

Subscription to the marketplace is free for Asset Managers through our introductory level ACCESS Lite package. Should there be a match between an originator’s offer and the asset manager’s mandate, Tradeteq will then facilitate the end-to-end trade execution at a nominal volumetric fee. Asset Managers could also opt for a more programmatic, cross-portfolio approach in utilising Tradeteq’s platform and securitisation-as-a-service with ACCESS Standard and Pro packages.

8.       How do I go about signing up?

Getting started is very easy: follow this link to get in touch with our Sales team, and then select the package that most fits your needs and budget. We will then provide the standard platform master agreement and rate card for your review.

9.    What can I expect after signing up?

Once the contract has been executed, we’ll get you a log-in to the platform and work with you to configure the platform to your requirements. From then on, you’re able to view all the offers available on the marketplace as well as create your own private network of originators. The system will take care of the rest.


10.  What extras are included in the ACCESS Standard and Pro packages?

ACCESS Standard and Pro provides Asset Managers with securitisation as a service for unlimited number of notes via Tradeteq’s managed SPV, end-to-end trading workflow automation and access to a dedicated structuring team to support trade execution. In addition, the ACCESS Pro package includes “Investor Representation”. This means that Tradeteq will act as an arranger for an Asset manager’s facility, including sourcing origination deals to meet the Asset Manager’s investment mandate, conducting originator due diligence and managing the notes issuance, redemption, and repayment processes: it’s really a 360-degree service provision.

Our industry-leading technology empowers asset sellers and investors to connect, access and distribute private debt and real assets seamlessly.

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